Backyard Furniture -

Made exclusively from Keruing timber

Maintenance Care

Your Backyard Furniture was pre-oiled before packing.

It is recommended that you oil your furniture before use and repeat this frequently. Reduced exposure to direct sunlight and frequent oiling will minimise any movement. Oiling frequency can be reduced if your furniture is placed under cover or if protected by a furniture cover when not in use. Regular oiling will also assist in the resistance against mould, rot and insects. If left untreated, exposure to the weather will eventually turn your Keruing furniture into a silver-grey colour and premature cracking will occur.


Like all natural timber products, Keruing will move and crack overtime, though the strength and integrity of the furniture remains as it was constructed. It is possible with Kewing timber that some sap will sweat to the surface, particularly on humid and warm days. This sap will harden on the surface and can easily be wiped or scraped off. Hairline cracks and checking may occur over time and will have no effect on the strength of your furniture and will not be covered under warranty.

If using your furniture inside, please ensure you use a protective banier between your floor surface and your furniture as any oil in the timber could cause stains.