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Made exclusively from Keruing timber

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Keruing Timber

Made exclusively from Keruing timber, Backyard Furniture is solid and strong. Keruing is traditionally used for heavy construction, bridge building, pier and port construction, railway sleepers, wagons and ship building.

The deep brown timber will look great and serve you well for many years. It will, however, require regular oiling to maintain the rich colour, minimise movement and avoid cracking.

As committed members of TFT, we exclusively source all of our timber from TFT forest projects.

The solid wood in this product is sourced from a forest that is undergoing a strictly controlled management programme towards achieving independent certification, supported by the TFT.

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This product was manufactured by TFT Member No. 67 making a financial contribution to the TFT to support its activities. For more information click on the TFT logo on the left